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LOS4 de cuba

LOS4 de cuba
are our modern "classic tropical" part of the Latin airport Festival this year.

They are, other than the name suggests, 9 musicians on stage.

A complete high quality orchestra with thoroughbred musicians form Cuba for the absolute premiere for the first time in southern Germany!

The song "For ese hombre" was Top 3 of the cuban charts last year.

Much more apt to date and cuban it can't get.

For your anticipation, here a YouTube Video of the Song "Tu de que vas" with more than 45 Mio. views


In the afternoon they will present their very energetic form of the Timba on the Latin airport Festival 2019. Timba is in simple terms the extreme danceable, cuban pendant to salsa.

Influences from funk, R&B and soul combined with the heavy percussion style of the barrios in Cuba.

Viva cuba!
Bienvenidos LOS4